MoonShell : Portable Multi-Tabbed Terminal for Windows

Windows 11 does come with a Terminal of its own which is fashioned after the ages old Terminal found on Linux. But if you want to have a much more customizable Terminal that can be used even on earlier versions of Windows then  you can try MoonShell.

MoonShell is an open-source multi-tabbed Terminal for Windows. It works on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11. It features a unique user interface in which we can find a number of buttons on the top using which we can take many actions.

We can open a new location by clicking on the Places. We can open a new tab or close an existing tab using “Add Tab” or “Remove Tab” buttons. Each of these individual tabs contain a separate terminal console. The “Clear” button clears everything in a terminal console. We can open an entirely new instance of MoonShell and launch a new instance with Admin access using the respective buttons.


MoonShell comes with various themes such as Ocean, Caramel, Magma, Lime, Zerg, Minimal etc. My personal choice is Lime as gives an impression of “The Net” movie style theme.  In the options for MoonShell we can set a custom working directory which will be opened the next time we launch MoonShell. We can change the font used by MoonShell, we can change the text color, we can change the background color, or reset everything back to default. All of these settings are saved inside a file named “MoonShell.json” which is saved in the same folder as the “MoonShell.exe” file.


MoonShell offers even more options through its right-click context menu. When we right-click on any console inside MoonShell, we get various functions such as options to copy all of the console output, copy only selected output or export the console log to a file. We can also choose to exit a console by right-clicking on it and choosing “Exit” from there. The logs are saved inside a sub-folder named “Logs”.

You can download MoonShell from