RainbowTaskbar : Make Windows Taskbar Change Colors

RainbowTaskbar is an open-source tool that can change the colors of the taskbar on a Windows desktop. It changes the color dynamically and comes with many presets, color effects, transitions, transparency, rounded corners, blurred effects and more.

RainbowTaskbar is a portable application and does not require any installation. However, it depends on the .NET version 6 to be installed on your PC. For this application to work, you have to first install .NET runtimes from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet.

As soon as we launch RainbowTaskbar, the colors of the Windows taskbar start changing. The color transition keeps going on until you force the RainbowTaskbar to exit. For exiting RainbowTaskbar, you can right-click on its notification area icon and choose to Exit.


From the same notification area icon right-click menu, we can choose one of the presets which defines how the RainbowTaskbar is going to change the colors of your Windows taskbar. It comes with only two presets – Rainbow and Chill. We can create more presets using the in-built editor.

In the editor we can choose from three taskbar styles – blur, transparent and default. The blur taskbar gives a colorless smoked glass type effect. The transparent taskbar is completely see-through except for the color being applied at the moment.

We can choose how the color transitions take place. We can pick two or more colors between which the colors are transitioned or we can choose to randomize the colors. There are many ways these transitions take place such as sine, cubic, exponential, back and linear. We can choose images to be displayed in the taskbar. These images could have transparency of their own and we can define their dimensions.


RainbowTaskbar is a very interesting tool to make your Windows PC look pretty with a color changing taskbar. It does tax on the system resources but the desktop screen looks more appealing with all its effects.

You can download RainbowTaskbar from https://github.com/ad2017gd/RainbowTaskbar.