Win11Tweaker : Tool to Make Windows 11 Less Annoying

When Windows 11 was released in 2021, not everyone chose to upgrade to the new version of Windows. Gradually people started to try and decide to move on to use Windows 11. So many users hesitated to try Windows 11 because of the new hardware restrictions. Even today many people are feeling comfortable with their Windows 10 systems.

But all the people who upgraded to Windows 11, the immediately complained about the new right-click menu and the other “new” features. This is why software like StartAllBack became an instant hit for the Windows 11 users.

If you also miss the classic features from the earlier versions of Windows, then you can use the open-source tool called Win11Tweaker. This tool can bring back the classic right-click menu on Windows 11 among other things.

In the user interface of Win11Tweaker, we see options to:

  • Disable the web search in Start menu. This option disables results from the internet displayed in the Start menu. After all, we can always open a web browser and search Google or Bing for anything we like. The web search results in the Start menu only make things very confusing.
  • Disable Windows Lockscreen. When you do not use the computer and it goes into the suspended state, you are presented with a lockscreen the next time you try to use it. After you press any key or use mouse buttons, you are taken to the login screen. This options disables going to lockscreen and takes you straight to the login screen saving time and annoyance.Win11Tweaker
  • Enable the classic compact view in File Explorer. This options reduces the space between the icons or other elements in the File Explorer just like it used to be.
  • Enable classic context-menu. This is the most demanded feature from the Windows users who switched from older versions of Windows to Windows 11. It beings back the classic right-click menu and gets rid of the confusing modern context-menu.
  • Play sound for PrintScreen. The print-screen key has been used to capture the contents of your screen even before the Windows was released. It makes sense to let the user know that this key has been used to capture the screen by playing a sound.

With all the features Win11Tweaker becomes an essential tool to be kept on any Windows PC. It can definitely make the life of a Windows 11 user much easier.

You can download Win11Tweaker from