Shadow Copy Explorer: Mount and Browse System Restore Points

Shadow Copy  feature on a Windows PC allows the system to copy and backup files even when the files are in use. This feature is used by the system restore to create system restore points. Each of these restore points contain a number of files and settings related to the operating system.

If we access the system restore feature from the Windows settings then we can only create a system restore point to restore the system to that point. But with the help of a freeware tool called Shadow Copy Explorer, we can create not only the system restore points or restore the system to that point, but we can also browse the contents of these restore points easily by mounting them as virtual drives.

The user interface of Shadow Copy Explorer has a list which shows all the system restore points available on a Windows PC. We can select any of these system restore points and then click on the Mount button to mount it as a drive. Then we can browse the contents of this restore point just as you would browse any other drive.

Shadow Copy Explorer

In addition to this feature that enables a user to browse the contents of a system restore point, it also has a quick access to all the functions related to the system restore. We can enable or disable the system restore protection. We can delete a system restore point. We can restore the system using a system restore point. We can manually create a system restore point. We can also mount a system restore point and browse its contents in the File Explorer.

The best feature of Shadow Copy Explorer is that it allows extracting and restoring only a few selected files instead of performing a complete system restore.

You can download Shadow Copy Explorer from