Xelitan File Finder : Search File By Name or Content

Xelitan File Finder is a small, lightweight and portable file finder tool. It can find files by their names and we can use wildcards when searching with file names. It accepts the usual wildcard notations – an asterisk for any number of characters and a question mark for a single character.

The user interface of Xelitan File Finder includes a single window with many options. We begin using Xelitan File Finder, by setting the folder which is going to be searched. This can be done either by manually typing the folder path in the space provided or by clicking on the “Select Dir” button. We can choose to search recursively through its sub-directories.

Next we can specify the search criteria. We can either type the filename or part of the filename (with the help of the wildcards). For example, if we want to find files beginning with “word” then we can specify “word*” in the filename.

Xelitan File Finder

We can also search the files with their content. We can search using a plain-text string or using a hexadecimal value. It also supports Unicode text. There is also an option for specifying the case for the text.

Furthermore, we can narrow down the search by specifying the maximum and minimum file sizes. We can also exclude the filenames which should be avoided during the search. These exclusions can also contain wildcards.

Clicking on the “Find” button in the toolbar begins the search and the results are displayed in the list below. In this list, it displays the filenames, their full path, their file sizes and the modified date for each of the items. We can export the results to CSV, HTML, JSON, and other types of file formats. We can also choose to add Xelitan File Finder to the context-menu in the File Explorer.

You can download Xelitan File Finder from https://xelitan.com/app/xelitan-file-finder.