USB Repair : Fix “USB Device Not Recognized” Problems

Sometimes when we insert a device into one of the USB ports of a PC, Windows shows an error that the device malfunctioned or it could not be recognized. Typically, you can fix this problem by detaching the USB device and reattaching it once more. At other times, we can turn off the Windows PC an restart it which fixes all sorts of errors that Windows users often experience.

But when you have tried all these usual tricks and still the USB device is not working, then there is time to use the USB Repair Tool. It is a free tool that can fix USB devices related errors on a Windows PC. It works on all computers running on Windows 8 and later.

Using the USB Repair tool is extremely easy. It is available as a portable application, so we can simply download the USB Repair tool and double-click on it to launch it. It displays a warning that you should not use this utility if you are really having any USB related problems. The warning continues to say that if you use this tool without actually having any USB problems, then you might end up breaking something on the PC.

USB Repair tool

After launching the USB Repair tool, all we have to do is click on the “Repair USB” button. After it has made changes to your system, you have to restart your computer. After you have restarted your PC, you can try attaching your USB device once again. This time your USB device should work as expected.

If your USB device still fails to work, we have to use the elimination method to find the problem. If you use this device on another computer and it works, then problem is with your USB port, USB port cable or the motherboard. Sometimes the capacitors on the motherboard fail and cause these problems. In these cases, you have to contact a computer repair shop professional to get your PC repaired.

You can download USB Repair tool from