Windhawk : Customization Mods for Windows

Every major update of Windows 11 brings something new for the users. But even with so many new features, there are some features that Windows users desire. For example, there should be some much more convenient way to control the system volume or why is Windows Notepad is not completely in dark mode.

A third-party application called Windhawk promises to fill in these gaps by offering dozens of mods. These mods can be installed, uninstalled, enabled or disabled from the Windhawk user interface.

After you launch Windhawk, you will be shown a large number of mods which can be downloaded and installed on your computer easily. When the mod is installed it is enabled by default and you can see it working right-away. For example, the “dark mode for Notepad” mod starts to display Notepad in the dark mode instantly.


Windhawk keeps running in the background so that it can monitor, toggle and manage the installed mods. If a mod receives an update or bug-fix, then the new version is downloaded automatically. This keeps your Windows PC running without any errors or vulnerabilities.

Windhawk mods are in form of small source-code packages. This makes them transparent to anyone who desires to examine them ensuring that you are running safe code on your Windows PC.


This software is very easy to use and has an app manager like user interface. We can browse for the new mods, manage installed mods, uninstall mods, enable or disable mods. All of this is done through a single user interface. Any beginner can start using Windhawk in seconds without thinking twice. It can be a great tool for customizing Windows for everyone. It contains many mods now but  new mods can be added in the future as Windows 11 updates are released and new customization needs arise.

You can download Windhawk from