Set Desktop Background with Imagine Image Viewer

When it comes to very lightweight image viewer applications for Windows, the first name that comes to mind is IrfanView. Then there are other image viewers like FastStone Image Viewer and XNView. Now a developer Sejin Chun has come up with another similar image viewer called Imagine.

Imagine image viewer comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit variants. There are also portable version of Imagine image viewer available. It also has a version available for the very old versions of Windows like Windows 95/98. Imagine image viewer is very similar to IrfanView both in terms of the user interface and features. We can set any image as the desktop background for the Windows desktop using Image image viewer.

There are two ways to do it – one way is through the Imagine Browser and other way is through the image viewer itself. The Imagine Browser allows you to browse the drive contents and shows the thumbnails. We can simply right-click on any image’s thumbnail in Imagine Browser and select Set as Wallpaper from the right-click menu. You can choose to set the wallpaper centered, tiled or stretched.

Set Wallpaper with Imagine

The second method is very similar but uses the Imagine image viewer instead of the Imagine browser. You have to first open an image in the Imagine image viewer. After this, you can select Image from the menubar. After that select Set as Wallpaper from the menu. After this you can choose to set the wallpaper centered, tiled or stretched.

Set Wallpaper with Imagine

Both of these methods are very easy to follow and work on all kinds of image files. Imagine image viewer works with all versions of Windows and supports a large number of image file formats. Just like with IrfanView, it allows installation of plugins which add support for even more image file formats.

You can download Imagine image viewer from