Vovsoft Desktop Diary : Personal Diary for Windows PC

Writing a diary has always been in fashion ever since the invention of pen and paper. People of all the ages love to write personal diaries. Writing a diary has many benefits. It can help you reflect on your daily events and help you put your thoughts in the right light.

Writing diary is considered a great way to vent your emotions and improve your mental health. If you have been struggling with a new language, then writing diary everyday can also improve your writing skills in that language.

Traditionally, people have been using specially bound paper diaries. But now that everyone has computers readily available, we can keep a personal diary on your Windows PC. For writing personal diaries, we can use a software called Vovsoft Desktop Diary.

Desktop Diary

This software offers password protected diaries. We can create a new user which requires the username, password and the recovery email address. The diary has a calendar on the top and the editor section at the bottom. We can choose a date from the calendar and then add or edit the notes for that day.

It comes with a full fledged editor. We can adjust the alignment to left, right or center. We can add the bulleted list. We can change the text formatting to bold, italicized, underscore, strikeout and more.

If there are more than one users for the same Windows PC, then we can create more than one accounts for the Desktop Diary. All accounts are password protected and one user cannot access the diary entries of the other users.

Desktop Diary

However, if there is only one user then you can create an account with blank passwords. This way, you do not have to login when you launch Desktop Diary. It will auto-login to your account and open your diary.

All the diary entries can be exported to many different file formats such as TXT, DOC/DOCX, HTML, or RTF. We can also send the entries directly to a connected printer and print them on paper.

You can download Vovsoft Desktop Diary from https://vovsoft.com/software/desktop-diary/.