ASAP Utilities for Microsoft Excel : Powerful Excel Tool

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet editor software and is an integral part of Microsoft Office suite. Excel is used extensively by professionals worldwide. When working with Excel, we have to work with many formulas and calculations requiring multiple steps.

We can make life easy by using ready-to-use add-on for Excel through ASAP Utilities. It is a convenient add-on that comes with many extra features for Excel. After the installation of ASAP Utilities on your PC, when you launch Microsoft Office, you can access it from an extra menu labeled “ASAP Utilities”.

Inside the ASAP Utilities, you will find hundreds of features, functions and formulas. It comes with  the ability of adding your favorite functions and hotkeys. This way you can easily access Excel functions. It also comes with a selection of tools for managing the sheets, for working with selection of objects easily, for selecting the objects using their ranges, for filling and inserting in cells, tools for working with numbers, faster and easier calculations, processing, and more. Using the ASAP Utilities, we can also insert the data from a variety of the sources. We can also export the data to a number of various file formats.

ASAP Utilities

Using ASAP Utilities makes it easier to work with your worksheets or workbooks in Microsoft Excel. It also saves your time as most of the time consuming procedures have already been turned into a single-click function. Furthermore, using the ASAP Utilities, we can do many things that are virtually impossible with plain Excel only.

ASAP Utilities comes in a number of languages making it universally acceptable. With all these features loaded in this add-on, it is hard to imagine that it is freely available. They offer a free version of home users, for students and for the charitable organizations.

You can download ASAP Utilities for Excel from