ASCOMP PDF Conversa : Convert Between PDF and DOCX

If you take a look at the most popular document file formats that you will find out that only PDF and Word documents make the top of the list. Some users prefer Word documents for their ease of editing and ready availability of the Office suites. While other users like the PDF documents because of their reliable formatting and security features.

If you prefer working Word documents but have a PDF file to work with, then you can use ASCOMP PDF Conversa. It can convert DOC/DOCX documents into PDF easily. Similarly, it can also convert PDF to Word DOC/DOCX document formats.

PDF Conversa window shows both the options when you launch it. You can choose to either convert PDF to DOC/RTF or you can choose to convert DOC/DOCX to PDF.

PDF Conversa

If you want to digitally sign your documents, then you would need a digital signing certificate in the PFX format. We can select this file under the “Settings” tab before trying to convert any files.

When you are converting PDF to Microsoft Word DOC document format, you have to choose the PDF file. You have to specify any passwords if the PDF file is password locked. After this you can choose a target DOC file and then click on the “Convert” button.

Similarly, when you are converting DOCX/DOC documents into the PDF file format, you have to first select the source Word document file. After this we can choose the output PDF file. We can also choose if we want to password protect the PDF file. Finally, we can click on the “Convert” button to start the conversion.

PDF Conversa is a very easy to use conversion software that can convert between PDF and DOC. It also offers digital signing of the documents. But it lacks batch conversion and you have to do one document at one time.

You can download ASCOMP PDF Conversa from