Coolmuster HEIC Converter : Fast HEIC to JPEG Conversion

HEIC image file format is relatively new image file format. It is supposed to be the new age image file format as it offers higher image quality while maintaining a optimal data compression level. It is also the default image file format for the Apple devices running on iOS.

If you receive HEIC image file format on your Windows PC, then you might first want to convert it into other more common image file formats such as JPEG. This can be done easily using a small application called Coolmuster HEIC Converter.

Using Coolmuster HEIC Converter is very easy. We start by adding the HEIC image files to the user interface of the application. We can add individual image files and we can also add entire folders containing the HEIC image files. The software supports drag-and-drop user interface which makes it very easy to add the HEIC files.

Coolmuster HEIC Converter

In the options for the conversion, we can select the the output image file format from JPEG, JPG, PNG. We can choose to keep the EXIF metadata information from the original HEIC image files. We can also choose the quality of the image files being produced.

The quality can be set using a slider control which can set the quality up to 100%. Typically, higher quality means a large file size. On the other side, if you reduce the quality, the file size will become smaller but the image might not look very good. Finally, we can select an output folder and click on the Convert button to start the conversion.

Coolmuster HEIC Converter is an excellent HEIC image format converter application. It supports conversion of HEIC to PNG and JPG image formats. We can use it for batch conversion of the HEIC image format without losing quality.

You can download Coolmuster HEIC Converter from