XtraTools : Optimize, Clean and Tweak Windows PC

No matter how good a computer you have bought, sooner or later you will start feeling that it has somehow ‘slowed down’. What happens is that the operating system becomes a little slower because of the junk files, unnecessary programs, somewhat bloated registry and a clogged file system. With the help of XtraTools, we can easily fix all of these problems and make the Windows PC run like brand new once again.

XtraTools is available in two editions – Home edition and the Professional edition. The Professional edition contains some tools extra in addition to all the tools available in the Home edition.

The user interface of XtraTools is very innovatively designed. We can access all the tools from its window and we can also see the current status of the system from this interface. When we launch XtraTools, it displays the current RAM and CPU usage. This can give you an indication about how many applications are running in the background.


For the beginners, it gives a simple all-in-one function which can be used simply by clicking on the “Start” button in its main window. This will start the scanning the drive for junk files, clean the folders and Registry of the Windows PC. If you are using a hard disk drive, you should see some drop in file access time after this. This is also going to free up the drive space.

All the functions can also be individually accessed. We can clean the files, clean the folders, remove the orphan entries from the registry, manage the automatically starting applications,  and tweak some of the settings on Windows.

In the professional addition, we also have two more tools – objects eraser and file encryptor. The eraser tool can be used to find and remove the user history from the system. The file encryptor tool can be used to encrypt or decrypt files and can handle very large files too.

You can download XtraTools from https://xtratools.com/.