Clipboard Saver : Save, Edit and Change Clipboard Contents

Windows clipboard is a not much different from the real life clipboard that you might have at your work desk. In both the cases, you can save and retrieve some clips of information. But the problem with the digital clipboard on a Windows computer is that it overwrites the previous data stored in the clipboard as soon as you copy new data into the clipboard. So when you select some text and press Ctrl+C, the older data in the clipboard quickly disappears.

One solution to this problem is a clipboard manager software like “Clipboard Saver”. This software allows the Windows users to save, edit and modify the contents of the clipboard. We can take multiple actions on the items stored in the Clipboard Saver. It supports both the text and image data copied to the clipboard.

With the help of Clipboard Saver, we can automatically resize the image data as soon as it is sent to the clipboard. For example, when we take a screenshot using the PrintScreen key or copy some image using Ctrl+C, Clipboard Saver can edit it and save it to a file. The operation is based on pre-defined steps. We can choose to resize, crop and save the clipboard data to an image of a selected file type.

Clipboard Saver

Similarly, we can perform operations on the text data on the clipboard’s text data. We can add or remove parts of the text. We can use Regular Expressions to search for some text and then modify it. It can also copy the modified data directly to an editor such as Microsoft Word.

Clipboard Saver automatically saves all the data to the history which is shown in a list along with the timestamp. We can go through this list and retrieve our historical clipboard data as it is never destroyed.

You can download Clipboard Saver from