GiMeSpace QuickMenu : Simple App Launcher for Windows

When Windows 11 was first released many years ago, the Windows users were shocked to learn about the new style start menu or rather lack of it. Pretty soon many software development firms and open-source developers came up with start menu replacements.

But if you do not want those start menu replacements and are happy with a small app launcher then GiMeSpace QuickMenu could be for you. It is a small menu based app launcher in which we can add shortcuts to all of our favorite apps. We can then use it to launch these applications whenever we want. QuickMenu uses only a fraction of your system resources and is a very good launcher even for the older systems. Since it is not designed for Windows 10 or 11 specifically, we can use it on older Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.

GiMeSpace QuickMenu

After the installation of QuickMenu, the first thing we should do is set a popup key or button. This is similar to setting up a hotkey which can be used to make the QuickMenu appear or disappear. We can choose from left or right Alt key, left or right Ctrl key, left or right Windows key, or the middle mouse button. In the settings we can also choose the number of columns to be used in the QuickMenu for displaying the icons.

GiMeSpace QuickMenu

Now when you use the hotkey to make the QuickMenu appear on your Windows desktop, you will see this small app launcher. Initially, none of the application shortcuts are added. We can easily add the applications shortcuts to QuickMenu by drag-n-drop operations. As we add more shortcuts, it size begins to enlarge. We can make it disappear again by using the same hotkey.

QuickMenu is a small and convenient app launcher for Windows. In addition to the application shortcuts, we can also add some Windows settings shortcuts too.

You can download GiMeSpace QuickMenu from