Easy Music Player : Fast and Portable MP3 Player

All Windows computers come with some sort of music player software installed. But usually this preinstalled software is very bulky and eats up a lot of the computer resources. So even if you just want to play a little harmless song, these bulky and bloated music players consume whole lot of the system RAM. If your system does not have enough RAM then you will have a hard time doing anything else on your PC.

This is why many music lovers prefer lightweight music players like “Easy Music Player”. It is a light, fast and portable music player for Windows computers. We can download it and extract the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder from where we can run Easy Music Player by double-clicking on mp3player.exe.

Before we can start playing the music, we have to add the music files to the list in Easy Music Player. For this we can click on the File menu and select Open file or files. We can select a number of music file types such as MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA. After we have added all the files to Easy Music Player, we can click on the play button to start playing the music files.

Easy MP3 Player

The user interface of Easy Music Player has the usual buttons for playing /pausing the music, for skipping to the next track and for skipping to the previous track. But it does not have any volume control. For controlling the volume you have to depend upon the system volume control of Windows. If you have a keyboard with multimedia buttons then you will feel more comfortable when using this player.

Easy Music Player is very good when you want to search for a particular music track that you do not fully remember. It comes with RegEx support which makes searching for the music files on your computer fairly easy.

You can download Easy Music Player from https://www.sttmedia.com/mp3player.