Merge Multiple Folders : Combine Folders Together

When we are working on two or more computers, we often end up saving our project files on both of these computers. This means that we have several folders and they contain some of the identical files while other files are different. These folders also might contain some files which are not available in other folders.

When you want to merge or combine these folders into a single folder to avoid future confusion, simply copying the files is not going to work. If you choose to copy and overwrite the files, it may lead to overwriting the newer version of the files with the older versions.

In order to properly combine the folders, you can use a tool called Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders. It is a very easy to use software. In its window, we begin by adding all the folders to be combined to the list. This application also comes with options to load and save the folder list. In order to save the list of folders, you can click on the Save button. And later when you want to load this list, you can click on the Load button and select the list file.

Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders

Among other options, we can choose the method used (copy or move). The copy method should be preferred as it does not remove the files from the original source folders.

We can also choose a merge type. We can choose to reject the sub-folder structure and copy all the files from all the sub-folders into the same root folder. On the other hand, we can choose to preserve the folder structure.

For the files that exist in more than one folders, we can choose to overwrite the files, to preserve the original file or copy the files with numbers appended to their filenames.

Finally, we can choose the target folder and click on the Merge Multiple Folders into One button. The files are copied very fast and it informs the user of the progress.

You can download Merge Multiple Folders from