Vovsoft Picture Puzzle : Make Your Own Picture Puzzles

Pictures puzzles can be of many types. One picture puzzle is about finding hidden objects. There is a picture puzzle where you have to compare two almost identical pictures and spot the differences. Then there is jigsaw puzzle where we have to arrange the pieces of a picture together in the correct order.

There are many benefits of the picture puzzles. For example, it is a great mental exercise. It does not put too much stress on your mind and yet it is very fun puzzle for everyone of all the ages. Smaller children can learn motor skills through these puzzles. There are so many benefits of these puzzles.

If you want to create your own picture puzzles, then you can make use of Vovsoft Picture Puzzle. It is a Windows application that can be run on all Windows computers. It is also very easy to use. In this application, we have to select a picture which is going to be used for the puzzle. The application comes with a picture of a retro style car which makes for a great puzzle picture.

Picture Puzzle

We can use any picture for creating the puzzle in this application. The picture should be in the popular image file format such as GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, JPEG etc. We can choose the number of columns and rows for the puzzle. By default, both the number of columns and rows are set to 4. But we can change to any number we want. It is better to change these row and columns depending on the size of the picture itself.

Finally, we can click on the Start Game button to create the puzzle. This creates many pieces of the picture and shuffles them. You have to click on two pieces to exchange their positions. By doing these operations, you have to recreate the original picture. It is a small but fun game for all ages.

You can download Vovsoft Picture Puzzle from https://vovsoft.com/software/picture-puzzle/.