TreeSize : Analyze Drive Space and Organize Files

Now that storage devices of all kinds have become very affordable, it is no surprise to see Windows computers with hard disk drives or solid state drives of the orders of 2 GB. But if you have been using your PC regularly everyday for a number of months, even such large capacity of drives are not enough. These storage drives seem to fill up mysteriously and we are always surprised to see the free space slowly shrink away.

One way we can see how the drive space is being used is through TreeSize. It is a software which can be used to visually analyze the drive space usage for any kind of drive. We can analyze any drive or folder using this software. it shows the drive space usage and orders the space in a drive or folder by the percentage, number of files, allocated space or the size of the files.


In the details, we can see the list of the files which are listed according to the list order type use (such as number of files or size of the files etc). We can also switch to the charts format which makes it very easy to visualize the disk space usage of any drive or folder. We can also list the files based on the number of files, age of the files, users, extensions, top files or the file history.

TreeSize can be used to search for files. We can search for duplicate files too. We can remove all but one copy of the duplicate files. The report of the disk space usage can be exported to various file formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, CSV etc. We can also copy the report to the clipboard and paste it any editor of your choice. We can also send the report to someone through email directly from the TreeSize interface.

You can download TreeSize from