Wi-Fi Filter Tool : Allow or Block Wireless Networks on PC

Wireless networks (Wi-Fi hotspots) have become the standard way of connecting to the Internet. No matter where we go, we often find more than a dozen available Wi-Fi networks for connection. Some of these Wi-Fi networks are even free for use and do not require any password for access. With so many Wi-Fi networks surrounding us, we should be able to block some of the suspicious ones.

With the help of a free tool called “Wi-Fi Filter Tool” we can both allow and block available Wi-Fi networks. Similarly, we can specifically allow some of the networks so as our Windows PC targets those networks before others. As soon as we launch Wi-Fi Filter Tool, it shows a list of the Wi-Fi networks in your area.

We can add a network to the whitelist or the blocklist by typing its name in the text field and then clicking on the “add” icon. If you want to remove a network from this list, then you can click on the “subtract” icon. When we add a Wi-Fi network to the block list, Windows PC does not see that network anymore. This way we can prevent Windows from connecting to the suspicious networks.

Sordum Wi-Fi Filter Tool

Of all the networks added to the list, we can easily switch them from the whitelist and the blocklist. We can right-click on the networks and choose to Allow or Block them. We can select all of the networks and instantly block them through the right-click method.

Apart from these functions, we can also restart the Wi-Fi service using this tool. Restarting of the Wi-Fi service is needed if you have made changes to the Wi-Fi networks related settings. We can select the File menu and then the option to restart this Windows service easily.

You can download Wi-Fi Filter Tool from https://www.sordum.org/16523/wi-fi-filter-tool-v1-0/.