Always Display Web Links Underlined in Mozilla Firefox

In the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, they have added a new feature which forces all the web links on all the websites to be always displayed underlined. What was happening that some webpages were tricking the unsuspecting users into clicking on the links that were modified using CSS to look like ordinary text.

While many websites were doing so unknowingly, some spurious webpages were doing this with a malicious intent. Thanks to the new feature in Firefox, now the users can choose to override the CSS behind the links and make them all appear underlined.

In order to enable this feature in Firefox, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser and go to the settings by entering about:preferences in the address bar. Alternatively, you can also click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines or hamburger icon) and then select Settings from the Firefox menu.
  2. On the Firefox preferences screen, scroll down until you reach the Browsing section.Always Underline Links in Firefox
  3. Select the checkbox labeled Always underline links.
  4. Close the tab for the Firefox preferences and you are done.

We tested this feature with a local HTML file. We created two links in this HTML file – the first link was a regular link and the second link was modified with CSS to hide the underline. After enabling the “Always underline links” feature, Firefox displayed both links underlined. Perhaps in the future they should also add the option to force all the links to appear in the blue color.

Always Underline Links in Firefox

Of course, it must be mentioned that this feature first appeared in the version 121.0 of the Firefox web browser. If you have been using an earlier version then this feature will not be available in your Firefox. The same is true for the people who have been using the ESR version of the Firefox browser. The latest ESR version for Firefox is 115.6.0 and does not contain this feature and many other features.