Sucrose Wallpaper Engine: Use Video and Animation Wallpapers

The very first thing that our eyes see when we power on our Windows PC is the desktop background or the wallpaper. This wallpaper can make an old PC look very exciting. The wallpapers can make all the difference when using a Windows PC in multi-monitor configuration. The extra wide wallpapers look breathtaking on ultra-wide-screen monitors.

This is why we should set a very good looking, positive and mood lifting wallpaper for our work computers. On a Windows PC, we can set only images as the wallpapers. But with the help of an open-source program called the Sucrose Wallpaper Engine, we can set animations, videos, webpages and other applications as the wallpapers. This program also offers you a large selection of animated wallpapers for your computer.

After the installation is over, Sucrose window opens up on its own. It it does not open, then you can double-click on its system tray icon to launch it. You can switch to the “Store” tab in order to browse the available wallpapers. For browsing, searching and downloading the animated wallpapers, you will need Internet connection.

Sucrose Wallpaper Engine

There are hundreds and hundreds of wallpapers of all kinds. These wallpapers are divided into several categories such as abstract, animals, ambience, animation, anime, artworks, dynamic, enchanted forests, fantasy, film, TV, food, ocean, games, and drinks etc.

Once the download of a wallpaper is complete, you can to go to the “Library” tab and double-click the image there. You now have a new wallpaper on your computer along with all its animations and the sound effects.

For using Sucrose regularly, you need an average Windows PC with a decent graphics processor. It does affect the system resources a little, but the animated wallpapers on your Windows PC are going to look stunning.

You can download Sucrose Wallpaper Engine from