WhatsPC : Is Your Windows 10 PC Ready for Future?

It has been a decade since Windows 10 was first released. Before you start wondering where has all the time gone, you have another problem looking in your face. Microsoft is going to pull the plug on Windows 10 support in October 2025. All the computers running Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro (updated to version 22H2) will cease to receive any updates or support from Microsoft after 14th October, 2025.

If you bought your Windows 10 PC almost a decade ago, then chances are that it won’t be able to run Windows 11 or any later versions of Windows. But if you bought your PC in last 3-4 years then there could be a possibility of upgrading it to the newest version of Windows 11.

WhatsPC is an open-source tool that can analyze your PC and show whether your PC can be upgraded to Windows 11 or can be turned into a file server. All these suggestions are shown by this little tool. WhatsPC is designed to work only and only on Windows 10. It is a portable tool and does not require any installation.


After launching WhatsPC, we can click on the Run Checks button. After going through a number of checks of your computer configuration including the software and the hardware, you are displayed the results. It also makes some suggestions in the end.

These suggestions might include:

  • Consider using your computer as a small file server. You can turn your old Windows 10 PC into a file server using a software like FileZilla server. There are also many other kinds of servers which can be used.
  • Keep your computer as a backup. If your old Windows PC has a massive storage space, then you can turn it into a backup server. You can also keep it ready for the rainy days when your new PC fails to work.
  • Consider installing a lightweight OS like Linux Lite. If you are not planning to buy a new PC or upgrade to Windows 11, then you can extend the life of your Windows 10 PC by installing Linux Lite.
  • Explore the option of selling or giving away your computer. If you plan to buy a new PC, then it is a good idea to sell the old PC online on eBay or give it away for free to a needy student.


Of course, before making up your mind, you should first consult a local PC technician or a computer expert. They might even buy your old Windows 10 PC, upgrade it or give you more options.

You can download WhatsPC from https://github.com/builtbybel/WhatsPC.