Appcopier : Backup Important Things on Windows PC

After we have used a Windows PC for a few months or a few years, it becomes so clogged with all the left over entries that it becomes very very slow. This is when some users decide to format their old Windows PC and reinstall Windows all over again. In the new versions of Windows, there is also an option to reset or refresh the PC and start all over again.

When we are deciding to format the PC or reset Windows, we must make a backup of all the important files stored on the local storage drive. Making a backup ensures that we do not lose the files that we have been saving for all these years. For making a backup of all the important things, we can use an open-source tool Appcopier.

Instead of backing up your files, Appcopier helps you backup all the important settings. As we launch this portable tool, it presents us with many options for backing up. We can backup Settings, Apps, Browser, Devices, Gaming and Credentials. We can also expand each of these categories and select/unselect sub-categories.


Under the Settings, we can select Personalization, Visual Effects, Taskbar, Privacy, Apps Privacy, Telemetry, Network Configuration, Windows Update, Themes, Accessibility, and other Windows settings. Under Browser, we can make backup of installed web browsers like Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Under Devices, we can make backup of installed devices such as keyboards, mice, USB devices, touchpad, printers, and more. Under Gaming, we have options to make backup of game related settings. And under Credentials, we can make backup of passwords  for the Wi-Fi networks that we have used before.


To start making the backups, we can click on the Backup button. And whenever we want to restore from the backup, we can click on the restore icon (looks like “Forget History” icon from Firefox) displayed next to the home icon. Here we can select one of the backups and then click on the Restore button.

Appcopier is a very useful tool for the times when we have to refresh, reset or re-install the Windows all over again. It does not backup all the files but is very helpful in backing up the necessary items.

You can download Appcopier from

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