ConvertAll : Freeware to Convert Between Any Two Units

While making cookies I had to follow an online recipe for cookies. In this recipe they mentioned the thickness of the dough to be 1/8th of an inch. I always use metric units and this measurement in the inches really stumped me out. Sure it is easy to ask Google about everything but I found an application for conversion of units instead. This Windows application is called ConvertAll and is available for free of cost.

ConvertAll is a very useful freeware tool that allows you to convert between any two units. It supports more than five hundred units under various categories. This is not a portable tool and should be installed on a Windows PC before using it.


The user interface of ConvertAll reminds a little of the old Convert application by Josh Madison. Basically, we have to select two units – the source unit and target unit from two lists. We can select these two units by scrolling to the desired entry. But since there are hundreds of units in the list, it might become annoying to scroll down this list and find your unit. Another much easier method is to find the units by simply typing the name or unit symbol into the search field.

After you have selected the units for source and target, you can enter the values in either of the value fields. It will automatically convert the units as soon as you type in their values. You can convert almost every known unit with ConvertAll. These include everyday use units as well as units mainly used by the engineers or scientists.


In the options for the ConvertAll application, we can choose the precision of the results displayed. We can also choose whether the results are displayed with short representation, fixed decimal places, use scientific notation, or use engineering notation. We can also change the background color and the text colors for the ConvertAll window.

You can download ConvertAll from