TCP Monitor Plus : Network Monitoring Tool for Windows

When it comes to monitoring the TCP/IP network traffic on Windows, many experts point us at Sysinternals’ TCPView. While there is no doubt that TCPView does a very good job of monitoring displaying all the in and out traffic on your Windows PC, it does not come with any extra tools for network analysis. If you want to have some more tools in the same application in addition to the network traffic monitoring, then you can try a freeware tool called “TCP Monitor Plus”.

It is a portable Windows application for monitoring the network traffic on all the active network interfaces on the computer. It presents the current upload and download traffic on the selected network interface in a beautiful graphical chart.

After launching TCP Monitor Plus, the first thing we have to do is select the network interface that we are using for the Internet. For many users, it is the wireless network interface as they connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi router. The users who are using wired Internet access, they have to select one of the Ethernet network interfaces.

TCP Monitor Plus

It starts to display the current, average and maximum values of the receive and send speeds. All of these speeds are plotted in a colorful graph which is very easy to follow.

It also shows the basic information about the selected network interface such as the maximum possible data rate, unicast packets sent or received, non-unicast packets sent or received, total upload and total download data etc.

The TCP Monitor Plus tool has a tabbed user interface. Each tab is dedicated to a separate function such as traffic monitor, session monitor, packets monitor, packet filter, interface, statistics, Nslookup, Netstat, Whois, Ping and Tracert. Of all of these Sessions Monitor looks almost the same as the TCPView from Sysinternals.

You can download TCP Monitor Plus from