Flet Windows Optimizer : Clean and Optimize Windows PC

Flet Windows Optimizer is an open-source temporary files cleaner for Windows PC. It is a portable Windows application and runs out of the box. Using this software is so easy that you can use it completely blindfolded.

When you launch Flet Windows Optimizer, a large window shows up on your screen with only one button. This button is labeled “Clean Temporary Files” and is placed under a warm “Welcome” message.

After we click on the “Clean Temporary Files” button, three more buttons appear on the screen. Each of these buttons are used to clean the temporary files from a separate folder. The first button is used to clean the temporary files from “Windows Temp” folder. The second button is used to clean the temporary files from “User Temp” folder. The third button is used to clean the temporary files from “Prefetch” folder.

Flet Windows Optimizer

For cleaning the files from some of these folders, the application must be run with administrator level privileges. For this, we have to right-click on the downloaded amazing_optimizer.exe and choose Run as administrator. When cleaning the Prefetch folder, it is a good idea to restart the Windows PC. This Prefetch folder is re-populated after you restart your Windows PC one time.

When we click on the above-mentioned buttons, it simply removes the files from the respective folders. After removing the files from those folders, a simple message is displayed in the window. This message notifies the user about how many files were deleted.

Flet Windows Optimizer

While Flet Windows Optimizer is no match to the popular cleaning apps like CCleaner and BleachBit, it does manage to get rid of some of the temporary files. The developer mentions on the product page that in the future they are going to add more features to this cleaner program.

You can download Flet Windows Optimizer from https://github.com/xsamueljr/flet-windows-optimizer.