Geekersoft PDF Converter : Convert To and From PDF Files

Geekersoft PDF Converter helps us easily convert any PDF file to the well known Microsoft Office formats. It can also convert PDF files to many popular image formats. Furthermore, it can also be used to convert other file formats into the PDF file format.

The user interface of the Geekersoft PDF Converter is designed to make everything easy for the user. As we launch this application, we are presented a window with options to convert PDF files to other file formats or other file formats to the PDF format. It supports conversion between Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), image files (PNG and JPEG), and the plain text files.

This application also offers many tools for modifying and processing the PDF files. These tools can be used for merging of many small PDF files into a larger PDF file. There is a tool for doing the opposite – for splitting a large PDF file into many smaller PDF files. These operations are available in batch mode also. This means that you can split or merge large number of PDF files in just one go.

GeekerSoft PDF Converter

There are tools included in this application for encryption or decryption of the PDF files. By encrypting the PDF files, we can ensure that their data cannot be viewed by anyone except the person who has the password. We can also set restrictions on how a PDF file is going to be accessed.

PDF compression tool can be used to reduce the filesize of the PDF files. It works by extracting the images and then compressing them. By reducing the quality of the JPEG images, the overall size of the PDF file also becomes smaller. This compression is done at the sacrifice of the quality of the PDF file.

This application is ideal for users who want to quickly process the PDF files. It works efficiently and does not require any external software (such as Microsoft Office) to be installed.

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