Geekersoft PDF Editor : Powerful PDF Processing Tool

It is very easy to edit a plain text file or even a Microsoft Word document. But when it comes to editing a PDF file, not many Windows users know what to do. With the newer versions of Microsoft Office, LibreOffice or Open Office, it has become easy to create new PDF files. But for editing an existing PDF file, you will need a dedicated PDF processing tool such as Geekersoft PDF Editor.

It is an advanced PDF editor that has a very easy to use interface. It can be used to edit or add text, images or annotations in a PDF file. It also has features for merging one or more PDF files, for splitting a PDF file into several smaller PDF files, for encryption of the PDF file, for adding watermarks, and for generating searchable PDF files with the help of OCR recognition.

Geekersoft PDF Editor

Geekersoft PDF Editor window offers drag-n-drop user interface for adding PDF files. If you want to add a PDF file for editing then you can simply drop it on its window. After adding the PDF files, we can choose from a variety of PDF editing functions. There are many common functions available from this window such as edit PDF, creating PDF, combining PDF, splitting PDF, compressing PDF to reduce its size, converting PDF to Word documents etc.

When we create a PDF file after scanning it using any standard scanner, the PDF pages are made up of all the scanned page images. We cannot search the text from inside the images in such a PDF file. But with the help of OCR feature in Geekersoft PDF Editor, we can create text through the optical character recognition (OCR) of the images. This generates a PDF file in which we can search through the text as it now contains both the images and the respective text.

Geekersoft PDF Editor makes it very easy to edit the PDF files. It comes with all the most wanted PDF related functions. It is very productive office tool for the Windows users.

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