Traffic Management Controller : Traffic Volume Based Action

Traffic Management Controller is a portable application for Windows that can be used to run a command or take an action based on the network traffic volume.

Before we can start using this program, we have to download and run another application called TCP Monitor Plus. This is because Traffic Management Controller depends on the network traffic data fetched from the other program-  TCP Monitor Plus. Both of these programs are made by the same developer and are available from the same website.

So after running TCP Monitor Plus (and selecting the correct network interface), you can run Traffic Management Controller. In order to create new events and actions pairs, we can right-click anywhere in its window and choose “Add” from the context-menu.

Traffic Management Controller

This will open another window in which we can select the event and the actions. From the list of actions, we can choose conditions such as total send amount, total received amount, gross send amount, gross received amount, system time, send speed, receive speed, CPU usage, and memory usage etc. From the list of actions, we can chose actions such as command, kill process, restart, turn off, standby, log off, play a sound, and more.

You can add as many event-action pairs as you need. When the event condition is met, the application will execute the action specified for that event. This is really useful if you want to manage the network traffic on your Windows PC by running commands when the download speed falls below a set threshold.

You can also use it to auto-shutdown the Windows PC when an application has finished processing your files. For example, after your video converter application has finished converting your videos, then your CPU and memory usage will go down. This can be used by Traffic Management Controller to turn off the PC at that point in time.

You can download Traffic Management Controller from

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