CoffeeZip : Create and Extract from Archives on Windows

In the 90’s if you asked any Windows user about a tool to Unzip or Zip their files, the answer was always WinZip. It was the most popular archiving tool of those times. But now the same can be said about the open-source 7-Zip archiving utility. However, there are more archiving tools then these and some of them actually pack many more features.

CoffeeZip is a archiving tool for Windows that can pack your files in a ZIP, 7Z or TAR file. It can also extract the files from a number of compressed file formats such as ZIP, 7Z, WIM, TAR, ISO, CAB, Z, XAR, NSIS, DEB, RAR, and many more.

CoffeeZip has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. In its window, there are only three icons for creating a new archive, for opening an existing archive, and for extracting files from the opened archive. Because of this simple interface, it is very light weight too. It does not  consume too many of your system resources.


CoffeeZip associates itself with all the supported file formats during the installation. But you can control which files should be associated with CoffeeZip in its settings. It also integrates with the Windows File Explorer. We can choose what happens when we double-click on an archive file – extract its contents to the current folder, extract its contents to a set path, extract its contents to a path specified by the user, or open it in CoffeeZip.

When we right-click on a file, its content-menu is displayed from which we can choose many functions. We can choose to compress the selected files and create a new archive. We can choose to extract the archives to a folder. We can choose to extract the archive in the current folder and more.


CoffeeZip is a free archiving tool for Windows. It supports a large number of popular formats. Using it, we can extract the archives which are usually created on Linux or Mac machines.

You can download CoffeeZip from

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