AI Photo Object Eraser : Remove Unwanted Things from Photos

Not everyone can take perfect photos like the professional photographers who have a diploma in photography as well as years of experience working in this field. As a result, we end up taking photos that are either too bright or contain some unwanted things on them. For example, you were trying to snap your friend’s photo standing in front of a statue, but later found out that the photo now has a big bird sitting on top of that statue.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence

For removing such unwanted objects from your photos, you can use an AI powered photo editing software called “AI Photo Object Eraser”. As the title suggests, this software has only one function and that is to remove unwanted things from your photos. It does not have any other functions.

Comes in a very small package

AI Photo Object Eraser is only 32 MB in download size. This downloaded package contains everything you would need to work with your photos. It works offline and does not require the Internet connection when removing the objects from any of your photos.

AI Photo Object Eraser

Only 3 steps to remove unwanted objects

Using AI Photo Object Eraser is very easy and we can remove objects from our photos in just three steps. First, we have to open a photo in this software. When the photo is open, we can use the zoom in or zoom out functions to better see the objects we are going to remove.

In the second step, we can use the eraser tool to erase the unwanted objects. It works like a white marker and we have to cover the unwanted objects in one step. If needed we can change the thickness of the eraser tool. As soon as we  finish this step, AI Photo Object Eraser starts processing and removing the object from the photo. We have to wait for it to finish.

Finally, when you have removed all the undesired objects from the photo, you can click on the “Save” button to save it to your local storage drives.


AI Photo Object Eraser is a great way to quickly remove the unwanted objects from the photos. It does not require any special hardware or an active Internet connection.

You can download AI Photo Object Eraser from