How to Start Using Aria Opera Browser AI Chatbot

After the immense success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, there are suddenly a huge surge of AI chatbots everywhere. Open web browser has also started coming with its own chatbot called Aria. It is an AI chatbot built on Opera’s in-house AI engine and works using several Large Language Models (LLM). It uses an artificial intelligence language model to chat with the users in human languages like English. We can ask Aria any question in English and it will understand it, process it, and respond in the same human language.

The name Aria comes from the musical term “aria”. It is used to describe a solo vocal piece in an “Opera”. This way the developers have cleverly indicated that how it has become an integral part of the Opera One web browser.

Here is how you can start using this new chatbot Aria in the Opera One web browser:

  1. Launch Opera One web browser and click on the Aria icon in the sidebar.Using Aria AI Chatbot in Opera
  2. You will be asked to login to your Opera account. You can login using your Opera account, create a new Opera account or login using Google, Facebook or Apple ID.Using Aria AI Chatbot in Opera
  3. After you have successfully logged in to your Opera account, you can access Aria and start using it. There is an Aria chatbox in which you can type in your questions in English.

Using Aria AI Chatbot in Opera

Once these steps are complete, you can also use it from any webpage. You have to select one word or phrase. Aria popup will appear immediately and we can choose many options. These options include explanation of the selected word briefly, exploring of the topic related to the selected word in detail, or translation of the selection using Aria.

Apart from these methods, you can also launch Aria prompt through a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + /. When using this keyboard shortcut, Aria prompt appears in the middle of the web browser.

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