CapturePlus : Lightweight and Feature Rich Screenshot Tool

Screenshot taking programs are abundant on the Internet but not all of them are actually useful for the Windows users. Some users like one screenshot tool while others prefer some other tools. It really depends on how you are going to use the screenshot application before you choose the one that works the best for you.

If you are looking for a free screenshot program than you can try CapturePlus. It is a neatly designed screenshot software with many useful features in addition to the basic screen capture abilities.

Using CapturePlus, we can capture the entire screen, an active window, an active window’s work area, an object, a window, fixed region, or freely selectable area. We can also pick the pixel’s color value. It can also be used to load an icon associated with the selected object or window. If you want to capture open menus then it comes with special tools to capture open cascaded menus.


Once you have taken a screenshot, CapturePlus can offer you tools to annotate the screenshot. It has tools for drawing text, arrows lines, geometric figures like rectangles, circles, rectangle with round corners, etc. We can also add text and text highlighters. These screenshots can then directly be exported to an image editor or the clipboard.

CapturePlus also offers some basic editing features for the captured screenshots. Using the in-built editor, we can crop the image, resize the image, rotate the image, flip the image, add noise to the image, change the image to grayscale, change the color saturation, change the contrast etc.

This screenshot program comes with a very useful feature called auto-save. We can make it automatically save the screenshots to a folder. There are two types of auto-save – it can auto-save after capture, or it can auto-save before closing down the program itself.

You can download CapturePlus from

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