EasePDF PDF Unlocker : Remove Security Restrictions from PDF

While going through an old hard disk drive of mine, I found many PDF documents that I had scanned a long time ago. These PDF files were protected against printing by me, but since then things have changed. I no longer need any restrictions on these PDF files. But the problem is I no longer remember the passwords for security restrictions for these PDF files.

One quick solution is to use an online app called EasePDF PDF Unlocker which removes the restrictions put on a PDF file. However, it still requires the password to open that PDF file.

Using this web app is very easy and does not require any special software to be installed. We can simple visit the web app in any web browser. We have to click on the Add File(s) button to select the PDF files which need to be unlocked.

EasePDF PDF Unlocker

If the PDF files that you are trying to unlock and remove restrictions from are password locked (for opening) then you will have to enter that password too. However, if you have forgotten this password then you cannot proceed. In that case, you have no chance of recovering the PDF file without any security restrictions.

Finally, you can proceed and upload the PDF files to the EasePDF servers for processing. After a brief interval of a few seconds, these unlocked PDF files will be available for download. Then you can download them to your PC and use them with any PDF viewer application.

EasePDF PDF Unlocker

This method requires that you upload your PDF files to a remote server for processing. They also ask you for the password for unlocking purposes. Due to these reasons, we do not recommend using this method for PDF files containing some sensitive data, private information or financial records.

You can visit EasePDF PDF Unlocker from https://www.easepdf.com/unlock-pdf/.

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