Convert Videos Quickly with HitPaw Online Video Converter

There are many reasons why one would want to convert the video file formats. One common reason is the compatibility with various devices. If you recorded a video in one format, it might not work in a particular device. And in this case, we convert the video format so that it can be played in such a device.

Another usual reason is the archiving of the videos. When archiving a collection of videos for future, it is desired that the video format is a very popular one. The reason is that in the future (lets say 50 years later), the videos should be easily playable. If you store them in a file format that is very little known, then chances of playing the archived videos become small.

For these and many more reasons, if you want to convert the video file formats then you can do so quickly using HitPaw Online Video Converter. It is a web app that uses the most popular video conversion library for all the video and audio processing.

HitPaw Online Video Converter

In order to use this, we have to use any modern web browser and visit You can now drag-n-drop your video files on this webpage inside the upload area. You can also click on the “Choose File” button and select all the video files for conversion.

After the files have been selected, you can choose the target video file format for each of the files. There are many video file formats supported. In addition, you can also choose an audio file format as the target if you want to extract the audio stream only.

HitPaw Online Video Converter

Finally when you click on the “Convert” button, all the video files are uploaded one by one and then converted to the target video or audio file format. Subsequently, a download button appears against each of the converted video files using which we can download them to our computer.

Since the conversion takes place online on their servers, you should not use this web app for converting any video files containing sensitive materials. They also offer a desktop application which can be used to convert videos offline on your PC.