OnlyM : Minimalist Portable Media Player for Windows

When you have to play videos or music in a public meeting hall, usually you have to depend on the host’s devices. Sometimes we cannot use the Microsoft’s Windows Media Player for one or other reasons. This is when you need a portable media player such as OnlyM which is easy to use and supports all kinds of media files.

OnlyM is an open-source media player which is available in the portable format. We can keep this media player on a USB pendrive and use it on any Windows PC. The basic requirements of using OnlyM media player is Windows 10 and .NET 5 (which is already installed on Windows 10).

Since OnlyM is designed to be very simple and easy-to-use, it has a minimalist user interface. After launching OnlyM, we can drag-n-drop the media files on its window. This will add the media files to the list. It will analyze the added files and display their thumbnails and play duration.

OnlyM Media Player

We can also click on the folder icon to add an entire folder containing your media files. For playing these files, we can click on the play button displayed next to these media files. We can click on the ellipses to choose the time from which the playback should begin.

In the settings, we can choose the monitor on which the media playback is displayed (in case of multi-monitor PC setup). We can choose the fading style when images slideshow is displayed. In case of the videos, we can choose to display the subtitles and position seeking.

There could be a problem if a video is very high resolution (like 4K) and it fails to play in the full-screen mode. In that case, OnlyM displays black screen and you cannot really close it. A simple workaround is to disable “Main windows always on top”. After this, you can launch Task Manager and kill the “OnlyM.exe” task.

You can download OnlyM media player from

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