iSunshare SafeUSB Genius : Protect USB Drives in Seconds

Many of us like to keep the sensitive data not on the computer itself, but on external storage drives such as USB pendrives. If you are also in the habit of storing your private and sensitive files on an external USB drive, then you can make them even securer and safer using iSunshare SafeUSB Genius.

It is a Window application that can password protect the entire USB drive in seconds. It can encrypt the files and lock the USB drive. Whenever you want to access your files, you can unlock and decrypt the USB drive one again. All this is done in a few seconds and it works on even older computers.

As we launch iSunshare SafeUSB Genius, it shows a drop-down list from which we can select the target USB drive. This is very important step and you should verify twice that you are selected the correct USB drive.

It displays the basic USB drive information after you have selected a USB drive. It shows the total capacity of the selected USB drive, its file system type (such as FAT or NTFS), and the free drive capacity.

iSunshare SafeUSB Genius

If you want to encrypt the drive, then you can click on the Encrypt button. It will ask you for a password and then the drive data will be encrypted. The decryption works in a similar manner. For decryption, you have to select the drive, then click on the Decrypt button and then supply the password.

Locking and unlocking works only if you have encrypted the target USB drive. These options are used if you want to use the USB drive without fully decrypting it. If you unlock a USB drive, it becomes available in the decrypted format through a virtual drive. After you have used this virtual drive, you can lock this drive once again. Locking will remove the virtual drive along with all the decrypted contents.

iSunshare SafeUSB Genius is a brilliant solution for keeping your secret files safe from undesired access. It turns any regular USB drive into an encrypted safe storage drive.

You can download iSunshare SafeUSB Genius from

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