Folder2List : Quickly Create Folder and File Lists on PC

There are a number of reasons why one would create a list of folders or files. Students have to submit a list of files associated with a computer science project along with brief description of each of the files. Similarly, software developers often create a list of files when collaborating with other developers. For legal compliance, we might have to prepare a list of files too. We can also make a list of files before  migrating the data to somewhere else or making a backup of files. There are many many reasons for creating a file list, but one tool called Folder2List can make it easy.

The user interface of Folder2List has multiple tabs and each of these tabs have some settings which facilitate on creating and designing the list. We begin by selecting a folder for which the list has to be created. We can add one or more than one folders. We can choose to iterate through the sub-folders and set a limit on how many files from each folders are to be included. As soon as folders are selected, the list is generated and a preview is displayed.


Under the “Output” tab we can choose an output type such as PDF, CSV, TXT, HTML, or XML file. Depending on the output file type, we are given different options for the output. Under the “Layout” tab, we can choose the columns which are to be included in the list. We can also pick what is going to be displayed on the header or footer of the list.

Folders and files can be filtered and sorted separately by many different criteria. This helps us generate a list eliminating the unwanted files. For example, using he filters we can create a list of only DOCX file.

Folder2List is a very useful and productive application for everyone. It is specially useful for creating file lists for backups and CDs/DVDs.

You can download Folder2List from

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