How to Enable “Always Secure Connection” in Chrome

There is no need to mention that Google Chrome web browser is the most popular web browser today. It is used and liked by both the mobile device users and the desktop PC users alike. It has been steadily growing in popularity and in the set of features ever since it was launched.

In the recent versions of Google Chrome web browser, there is a new feature using which we can force the web browser to connect to the sites over secure connection only. This means that when you open a website in Google Chrome, it will be opened through the HTTPS protocol only. Any website that does not use secure connection will fail to load in Chrome.

Here is how we can quickly enable this setting in the Google Chrome web browser:

  1. Launch Google Chrome web browser and click  on the menu icon. From the Chrome menu, select Settings.
  2. On the settings screen, select Privacy and Security category on the left.
  3. Select the Security section on the right.Always use Secure Connections in Chrome
  4. Scroll down to the Advanced sub-section and then select Always use Secure Connections option.
  5. Now you can close the settings tab.

After making these changes, you will not be able to browse the non-secure websites. Any website that does not offer secure HTTPS connections, will not be loaded in the Chrome web browser. If you try to open an HTTP site (non-secure), then Chrome will try to open it using HTTPS. If the site cannot be opened using HTTPS, then Chrome will display an error stating that the connection to the target URL is not secure. However it still offers an option to continue to that site with a warming.

If you a website owner then you can implement HTTPS easily by asking your web hosting provider. This includes purchasing an SSL certificate and installing it on your hosting account.

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