Translate Large Text Files with Vovsoft Batch Translator

Before the online translation tools such as Google Translate became available, all of the translation work was done manually. There was a huge demand of translation professionals for all kinds of books and documents translation. First the online translation tools and now the AI powered translation tools have impacted the translation jobs. However, we can harness the power of the AI translation tools to make the translation much easier and faster.

For quick translation of large amounts of text, we can use a tool such as Vovsoft Batch Translator. It is a Windows application that uses  popular AI engines to translate your text. It is available as a portable application and works without installation. However, it needs an Internet connection in order to connect to the various AI engines.

After launching Vovsoft Batch Translator, we have to first save the login credentials of the AI engine that you are going to use. It supports three AI translation engines – Microsoft Azure (Cognitive Services), IBM Cloud (Language Translation), and OpenAI (GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.0).

Vovsoft Batch Translator

All these services require login credentials which can be obtained by creating a new account and paying for the subscription. For the subscription, you have to use your credit card. These services may not be available in all the countries of the world. Before making the payment, you should check if they are available for use in your country.

For loading a text file for translation, we can click on the “Load” button and select the text file. After this, we can select the source and the destination languages for the translation task. Next, we can click on the API to be used for the translation such as IBM Cloud. Finally, we can click on the “Translate” button. Once the document is translated, we can save it as a local file.

The application also supports command line arguments for automatic translation. Using this feature, we can add this tool to the batch scripts for quick translation for multiple files in a very short time.

You can download Vovsoft Batch Translator from

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