Identify Web Systems with Vovsoft Web Platform Identifier

Back in the early 90’s the websites used to be very simple HTML. Anyone could read an HTML textbook and learn how to make websites. The websites includes some images and some HTML pages. But with time things have become more and more complex. Now most of the websites use a CMS (content management system). These sites use a combination of web technologies including server side scripts and code libraries. There are hundreds of CMS platforms available such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla,Typo3, SMF, etc.

Vovsoft Web Platform Identifier is a Windows application using which we can identify the different web platforms being used by a website. We can add a number of domain names in this software and it can check for the website platforms one by one. While this tool works most of the time, some sites don’t respond well with it.

Vovsoft Web Platform Identifier

Using this tool is very easy for anyone. It is a portable application and does not require installation. After launching Web Platform Identifier, we have to either add the domain names in the list one by one manually or we can load a list of URLs from a file. This file is basically a plain text file with a different domain name on each line.

When we have loaded the URLs or the domain names in the list of Web Platform Identifier’s window, we are ready to test them. We can begin by clicking on the “Start” button. It will query the URLs one at a time and display the results in the list itself.

For advanced users there are some options such as the ability to select the user agent, connection timeout, and the response timeout. We can also export the results to a TXT, CSV or XLS file.

You can download Vovsoft Web Platform Identifier from

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