TXTvault Password Manager : Secure Password Manager for PC

These days everyone has multiple online accounts and all of these accounts require one or more passwords. Management of all of these passwords becomes a daunting task as the time passes by. We might forget the passwords if we do not use a password manager. But if the password manager software is not secure, then your passwords might be revealed to the strangers.

This is why we should choose a password manager which is both easy to use and is highly secure such as TXTvault Password Manager. It is a Windows app that works flawlessly on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is a secure password manager which allows for super-safe encryption of the passwords. It employs industry standard encyrption methods for encrypting your passwords.

The user interface of TXTvault Password Manager is very intuitive and modern. We can create many categories and give them multiple labels to store the passwords or the login credentials. In order to add a new entry, we can click on the “Add” button. If we want to delete any existing entry, we can select that entry and then click on the “Delete” button. Similarly for editing the existing entries, you can click on the entry and then click on the “Edit” button.

TXTvault Password Manager

When we have added a large number of entries in the password manager, it becomes hard to find the entries in which we are interested. To overcome this problem, TXTvault has a search feature. We can type in the category or the label in the search box to find the entries.

With all of your passwords stored in the password manager, it becomes essential to be able create backups of your passwords. TXTvault offers easy backup and restore features. We can quickly create a backup of all the stored credentials and password protect it.

You can download and install TXTvault Password Manager from https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9NZN0MQP8K4P.

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