Automatic PDF Processor : Take Auto-Actions on PDF Files

Automatic PDF Processor is a Windows tool for automatically taking actions on the PDF files. Using this software we can decide what to do when PDF files are created in a folder or copied to a folder. It can take various actions such as extracting pages, merging PDF files, splitting PDF file, print PDF file, rename or move PDF file, send PDF file, copy PDF file to a destination, and more.

The user interface of Automatic PDF Processor appears very confusing at first, but it becomes easier once you start using it. We begin by creating profiles which can be done by clicking on the “New profile” button in the toolbar. In the new profile window, we have to specify three things mainly – the folders to be monitored, an example PDF file, and the actions to be taken.

We can add multiple folders to be monitored. These folders are the ones in which PDF files are either created, downloaded, or copied. Automatic PDF Processor keeps checking these folders for new PDF files. As soon as it detects new PDF files, it takes the specified actions.

Automatic PDF Processor

An example PDF file is to be specified by the user in the profile settings. This example PDF file is taken to be as a prototype so that proper format is used when processing the other PDF files.

We can add a number of actions to be taken by the software when new PDF files are detected. We can choose to add actions such as rename file, copy file, save attachment, save extract, remove password, make file searchable, merge file, split file, print file, send file, move file, etc.

Automatic PDF Processor

Once a profile is created and enabled, Automatic PDF Processor keeps running in the background. As soon as the new PDF files are detected in the monitored folders, it takes the actions accordingly. We can create many profiles and have multiple folders monitored.

You can download Automatic PDF Processor from

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