Download Files in URL List with Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader

Imagine that you have to download a number of files from the Internet? Surely, you can use any web browser to download the files one by one. But if the number of files to be downloaded are more than a hundred, then we have to depend on a download management software such as Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader.

It is a simple and powerful download manager for download a large number of files using their web URLs. We can add a large number of URLs in the list of Batch URL Downloader.

These URL lists can also be imported from files. These URL list files are nothing but plain text files containing one URL on each of the lines. We can load these URL lists by clicking on the “Load List” button in the toolbar.

Another slower way of adding the URLs in the list is by manually typing in them one by one. You can continue adding the URLs in the list and can also save them to a file by clicking on the “Save List” button in the toolbar.

Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader

It also comes with a feature called “URL Grabber”. This feature allows us to scan a URL for various links. We can filter the detected links by specifying the a string that must appear in them. For example, we can choose to fetch all the ZIP links if we use the filter “zip” in URL Grabber.

Once the URLs have been added to the list using any of the aforementioned methods, rest is extremely easy. We have to specify a download folder and then click on the “Download All” button. When the downloads are complete, we can check them in the download folder.

Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader is a lightweight download manager for Windows. Supplied a URL list, it can download all the URLs one by one. It also supports resuming of the paused or failed downloads but the remote server should also support the resuming option.

You can download Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader from

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