Download Podcast MP3 Files with Vovsoft Podcast Downloader

Podcasts are digital audio or video files which are available through platforms such as Spotify or Google Podcasts. The term “podcast” was coined during the peak popularity of Apple iPod because people could listen to audio broadcasts on Apple iPod.

Even though Apple, Google and Spotify are the leaders in the field of podcasts, they are available through many online sites. Many internet radio sites such as NPR also offer their own podcasts. We can download these podcasts in the MP3 format and listen to them offline whenever we want.

It is very common to download the podcasts of your favorite podcaster before setting out on a long journey. Then you can keep yourself entertained during the boring airplane flight or a long voyage by a ship.

Vovsoft Podcast Downloader

With the help of Vovsoft Podcast Downloader we can download the podcasts for offline listening on our computer. The user interface of Podcast Downloader allows the users to add the RSS feed for the various podcasts. It comes with a few RSS feeds already added to the list. These include the RSS feed of NPR radio episodes.

For downloading the podcasts, we have to first select the RSS feed which would fetch the data list of all the available episodes from a podcast. Then we can select any of these episodes and click on the “Download” button to start the downloads. We can also choose to download all the available podcast episodes which takes a bit longer time.

It does not have any built-in media player for playing and listening to the downloaded podcasts. You can use any other media player application such as 1by1 to listen to these downloaded podcasts.

In addition to downloading the podcasts for the offline use, we can also transcribe those podcasts. This feature uses a paid AI service to automatically convert the podcasts into the text format.

You can download Vovsoft Podcast Downloader from

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