IObit Internet Speed Test: Online Download Upload Speed Test

Although the Internet access has become cheaper than it has been in the past, we should ensure that we are getting the data transfer rates for which we have been paying. In order to test the Internet access performance, we can use online speed tests which are aplenty on the web. In fact a little Google search will come up with dozens of such tests.

Internet speed tests also serve as a diagnostic tool to check when you are having trouble with the Internet connection. You can verify whether you are suffering from network congestion or other networking problems.

One other use of the Internet speed tests is to verify that your Internet connection is ready for particular activities. For example, streaming HD videos requires that you have at least 6 Mbps download speed on a single device. If you want to stream HD videos on multiple devices at the same time, then you need at least 20 Mbps download speed.

IObit Internet Speed Test

While there are many popular Internet speed tests, there is yet another test that we can try – “IObit Online Internet Speed Test”. In order to use this test, we can navigate to in any desktop web browser.

We can start the test by clicking on the image specified on that webpage. The test first checks the download speed and then it is followed by the upload speed. It uses a server located in Japan for performing all these tests. There is no option to change this server. The results are displayed instantly and include only the download and upload speeds. It does not display the ping results or the latency values.

We compared the test results with other popular Internet speed tests such as Ookla and Fast. The results displayed by these were more accurate and included the latency values. Somehow IObit Internet speed test showed very slow download and upload speeds.

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