Vovsoft Hex Viewer : View Binary Files in Hex Mode

When we begin the study of any computer science course, the first thing that we all learn is that data in the computer’s memory is stored in the binary format. The binary format of this data consists of only 0’s and 1’s. This binary format of data is hard to understand for the human beings. But there is another format called the hexadecimal format or just hex format which is very popular with the developers and security experts.

By looking at a file’s contents in its hex format, we can tell a number of things such as its file type or file format. Different files have a different data pattern in the first few bytes. This information can be used to identify file formats. For example, executable files (EXE programs) usually have “MZ” in the beginning of the file.

Vovsoft Hex Viewer

Vovsoft Hex Viewer is a Windows program that can be used to view the content of all files in the hexadecimal format. Although the developer specifies that it is to be used for viewing binary files, you can open even text data files. All files will be displayed with their data in the hexadecimal format.

To open a file in Vovsoft Hex Viewer, we can click on “Load File” and then select the file. It will be immediately loaded and displayed in the hex format. We can go up and down the file using the icons in the toolbar. We can also search for text in this binary file. However, it does not support Unicode string search. You can search for any text string in an ANSI program that does not use the wide string format.

Vovsoft Hex Viewer

Vovsoft Hex Viewer is available as a portable program and proves to be handy when examining binary files. It does not allow editing of the hex data but that also prevents a user from accidentally modifying any files.

You can download Vovsoft Hex Viewer from https://vovsoft.com/software/hex-viewer/.

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