Rename Expert : Batch Rename Multiple Files with Ease

Renaming a large number of files manually can be a headache. Anyone can rename the files on a Window PC is very easy as long as only a small number of files are being renamed. Windows File Explorer comes with file renaming features built-in. But if you have to rename thousands of files, then manually renaming them can become almost an impossible task.

In situations like these, you need a special file renaming software such as Rename Expert. It is a batch file renaming software with advanced functions. It has to be installed on the Windows PC before you can use it.

The user interface of Rename Expert is very innovatively designed and provides for easy access to all kinds of renaming functions. We begin by adding the files or folders to the list. Once the files which are to be renamed have been added, we can go ahead and begin adding the actions.

Rename Expert

Actions are the rules using which the files are renamed. In addition of renaming the files, there are many other functions which are possible. These actions include, shorten names, edit file extension, multiple replace, use CSV file, adjust numbers, encrypt/decrypt names, create definition, replace definition result, apply change filter, move files, copy files, set file attributes, append file name tags, and set file dates. For all of these actions, there are many options which define how these actions are going to work.

Now all that is left is to click on the “Apply” button in the toolbar. The files are renamed according to the selected actions. It will display the progress as the files are renamed or other actions are taken on them.

Rename Expert can also create batch scripts (.BAT files) so that you can perform the renaming without actually needing the Rename Expert software. It can also be turned into a portable version from within the program’s user interface.

You can download Rename Expert from

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