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After you have gained followers, fans, or customers, you should be thinking about keeping them glued to your services or products. This is done in many different ways and sending newsletters to your customers. While some businesses use commercial newsletter sending services, you can send a large number of email messages or newsletters for free using Auto Email Sender. It is a Windows application using which you can automatically email your newsletters or other messages to a long list of email addresses.

The user interface of Auto Email Sender is a single window interface. It uses SMTP servers to send the email messages and this means that you must have access to an SMTP server for it to work. You can get such access from free email service providers like Gmail or you can get paid services from likes of GoDaddy or Namecheap.

In the Auto Email Sender window, we have to enter the username and password for the SMTP server access. We also have to enter the SMTP address and the port number. All of this information will give given to you by the email service providers.

Auto Email Sender

You can add the email addresses in the list provided. You can manually type the email addresses or you can copy-paste the entire list of email addresses in the space provided. Then you have to enter the email message with its subject and content matter. The email message can be of text type or it can be of HTML type. We can add attachments to the message as well.

After setting an delay interval (such as 30 seconds) for sending the messages, we can click on the “Send to All” button. You can then leave it while it keeps sending the messages one at a time. It can also be used to send only to one recipient if you use the button “Send One Email”.

You can download Auto Email Sender from

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